Screen printing is a printing technique that can print from one to six colors on different types of media. Silkscreening gives a great intensity to the colors and allows the printing of your logo to last in time.

This type of printing is not recommended for marking with small details. Screen printing requires the production of films which involves certain fixed costs in addition to the cost of printing per piece. The number of colors you will print on the promotional product is also a factor that can increase the price. But the cost of marking for screen printing decreases sharply with the amount of advertising items to print. It is a printing technique that we recommend!



Pad printing:


Pad printing is a printing technique that works indirectly and allows printing on a multitude of advertising objects with any type of shape. Pad printing or transfer marking is often used when the part to be printed is complicated and does not allow the use of standard techniques. This printing system is flexible and versatile, it is often used in the field of advertising objects. Drying time may vary depending on the type of product and the material used




Laser engraving :


Laser engraving is a laser printing technique. The laser heats the advertising object that you want to burn until you change the color or evaporate the material which will give a certain contrast to the promotional product and bring out your logo.

The laser is often used on wood, glass, MDF and some metals and it allows to engrave with a precision and a sharpness of the very small details.



Embroidery :


Embroidery is a technique that involves adding a pattern to a piece of textile. This superposition of fabrics to embroider your logo will give a high-end rendering to your jacket or advertising cap. Embroidery can be used on any type of promotional textile.

Digital Quadri:


The quadri is a printing technique used on advertising products that reproduces a wide range of colors based on four main colors that are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. This marking technique is used when traditional techniques are not able to give a clear enough rendering of your colors on the product. This system is often used for promotional t-shirts and promotional pens.





Doming is a technique that allows you to put a printed label on an object and then put a resin that plays the role of dome on the label. The doming gives relief to the marking and a three-dimensional aspect. In addition, the resin protects the print against any type of wear.



Digital Transfer:


This is a popular technique for quadri logos. The four-color process will print with thousands of colors and photo print quality.





Sublimation prints color images on hard surfaces.





This process is mainly used for the marking of leather advertising objects. The logo is branded on the product.



Digital label:


In the case where no other marking technique can be applied, the digital tag may be printed in quadri and placed at the most appropriate place of the promotional product.




Digital printing :


The product is placed directly into a digital printer with four colors.




Ceramic transfer:


The logo is first printed on a sheet and then transferred hot to the ceramic product. This technique is widely used for advertising mugs and mugs.



Silkscreen transfer:


This process is among the most economical for quadri labels. We print the logo on a silkscreen (up to 8 colors) and then transfer it to the advertising object. The realization of the marking with this technique depends on the logo.





This process is used for round surfaces, it is the best option for bottles and advertising flasks

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