Promo Gift is convinced that offering an advertising product strongly impacts the beginning of a relationship with a customer.

The reinforcement of your brand and its notoriety in the latter will be immediate and will continue during all the use of the object.

His entourage will learn about your brand through the logo on the gift offered.

The cost of this action is much less expensive than a radio operation or any other advertising medium.

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Studies carried out on the advertising object market highlight that the promotional product will have a visual impact on the person, which will easily allow the memorization of the brand.

Statistic Survey on Promotional Object 2018:

81% of people use advertising products received.

79% would like to receive it more frequently.

92% appreciate receiving an advertising gift from their brand for their loyalty.

89% want to receive an object during sporting events and conferences.

85% of people want an advertising product with their first purchase.

81% of people memorize the brand associated with the advertising object.

Advertising products that people prefer to receive:

1. High tech objects

2. Luggage

3. Textile

4. Pen and writing

5. Art of the table

6. Watches

7. Notebooks and Document Holders

Statistic survey on 2017 promotional object:

89% of people find it nice to receive an advertising item.

77% of people want to receive more promotional products.

77% of people keep the personalized objects received.

78% of people remember the brand printed on the object.

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