In the design of an advertising object, the choice of the material is a decisive step.

This material will be selected according to several criteria.

Each product has its own specificities and limitations. But we always try to offer you a wide choice of possibilities.

Below is a summary of the most used materials in the manufacture of advertising objects:

PP: polypropylene is the second most used plastic in the world. The PP is another used for the realization of bags.

PET: polyethylene is a plastic material that contains no phthalates. There is recycled PET, often used to make textile fiber.

Products based on recycled materials: Product the whole or part of which has been made from recycled products. A large number of objects can be recycled such as plastic, wood, paper, metal, etc.

Bamboo wood: it is often used as an alternative to hardwood. It improves the management of the forest resources of our planet

Burlap: the jute fibers woven between them make this natural textile. It is often used in the manufacture of advertising bags and ropes.

Natural Cotton: Cotton fiber is a plant fiber that comes from cotton kernels. A sorting is performed on the different qualities of cotton in order to distribute them for their respective use. This cotton is strongly used in the advertising textile to make personalized t-shirts but also promotional bags.

ABS: is a plastic polymer that allows to make rigid and solid objects. We use it among others to make advertising USB keys.

PLA: is a bioplastic of plant origin, it is largely extracted from sugar. This bioplastic is the main material for printing objects in 3D

Leather: Leather is a material that is particularly pleasing and offers a pleasant touch. It gives an upscale side to your different products. Different types of leathers exist on the market, the quality depends on the origin.

PU : This is soft plastic that gives the effect of leather. It will give prominence to your promotional items while remaining economical. He can give this little grainy side.

Aluminum: is a very light metal that does not oxidize and we can recycle as many times as we want. It is a material used in many products because it gives strength as well as lightness. We will find it for example for the realization of the tubes of promotional pens.

Our teams are available from Monday to Friday to advise you on the choice of materials for the realization of your advertising object!

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