When you enter your customer’s privacy through goodies, you’ve seen the essence of good advertising. Adding utility and satisfaction, you are already close to perfection.

Now think carefully about what type of advertising can offer such feelings to your customers? What type of promotion can easily achieve these goals, while retaining and promoting your values?

And we have not yet mentioned the fact that your logo or your advertising message will be constantly before the eyes of the recipient and his environment. That's not all !

Promotional items and business gifts are also the cheapest form of advertising.


Out of sight out of mind :

This old adage is especially true for relationships with your business partners and customers. Do you doubt it?

Look at your desk and open the drawers. How many promotional items with a logo or promotional message appear?

Each of us at the annual level receives a lot of promotional products and business gifts.

But how do you know that you are well placed on the market with your promotional or professional gifts?

How do you know that your brand is in the minds of a business partner and a customer, and how does it compare to the benefits of competition?

Here are some reasons why we believe that every marketing strategy should also include promotional products as part of an annual plan that will help you increase your sales.


Effective and inexpensive marketing:

Small businesses, who can only dream of huge advertising campaigns on all major media, are well aware of this.

But the wise ones know that they can still achieve their marketing goals.

How? 'Or' What ? With a campaign based on promotional products, goodies and business gifts.

As you can see on our website, there are many affordable products you can use to effectively promote your business.

But do not think that the low price of the product means a small and limited effect on the recipient.

On the contrary, business and promotional gifts rank sixth among the marketing activities of successful businesses around the world.

No wonder, they are extremely effective ambassadors of a company or a brand whatever the sector of activity.


Immediate brand recognition:

Branding means that consumers can instantly remember your business, products or services when they notice your logo or promotional message on the product.

This is one of the main reasons why a good part of the budget is invested in promotional products, goodies and business gifts.

Did you know that consumers keep promotional products on average for at least 6 months and up to a year?

Each time your customer looks at your product, your message is printed in their memory. These lasting effects are very rare among all other types of advertising.


It works like your business card:

The purpose of business cards is to represent you, and your company and its products, to consumers and your potential business partners.

Promotional products and business gifts also work more or less the same, but with better results.

According to some surveys, as many as 8 out of 10 respondents remember the message about the promotional product. In addition, 8 out of 10 respondents replied, after receiving personalized goodies, that they inquired on the Internet.

Take advantage of this data, select your promotional items and goodies. We will print your logos, QR codes, promotional messages, ... there are almost no limits!


Plan your business gifts now!

Fall is the season in which businesses prepare and approve the budget for the coming year.

Last but not least, each independent entrepreneur knows that if he wants to win in the next fiscal year. To do this, he must first know how he will spend the money intended for the promotion and development of his business.


Business and promotional gifts have always been a sign of gratitude and respect, but much more. As a business relationship builder, they have a significant impact on the visibility and publicity of your business, and therefore on your income.