We can hear what you think: it is only September. But we have a good reason.

It is true that we have all returned to our professional habits and we do not have the head to prepare for the end of the year celebrations.

However, when it comes to your business gifts, it’s in your best interest to get started this month.

Here's why you should plan your corporate gifts today.

Business gifts: make the right choice

While a thoughtful gift can make a positive impression on an important customer, you also have the option of damaging business relationships with these gestures.

It’s a pressure nobody wants to face, and you can easily avoid disaster by asking yourself a few simple questions in the midst of your efforts to give gifts:

What is a "safe" business gift choice ?
If you have to wonder if a gift is appropriate or not, look for something else. The best business gifts should reflect the interests and tastes of the recipient.

How much should you spend on a business gift ?
Gifts don't have to be extravagant to be effective, but skimping may not be the best choice either. Something thoughtful and personalized (i.e. not the same gift for everyone) will be most appreciated.

When should I give a business gift ?
It is essential to remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so you will need to stay sensitive to different religious beliefs. If you don't feel comfortable asking, you can just deliver all the Christmas gifts at the end of the year.

What gifts should you give this year?

Believe it or not, corporate gifts are a booming industry.

So now there are more choices than ever in business gifts.

What you give and how you present the gift is important. Business gifts should not only be personal and memorable, but should also be presented with quality packaging.

Still not sure what to give this year? Here are some ideas you can steal based on your client's tastes and budget:

Personalized business gifts: One of the best choices for business gifts is to give something that is personalized.

Food: Speaking of cookies, who doesn't like to eat? There are a variety of other delicious gifts that you can send to a customer that you can personalize based on their preferences. Like a good bottle offered in a nice personalized wine box.

Technology Gadgets: Do you have a customer who loves technology or is looking to modernize their life? Tech gadgets are therefore a great idea.

Eco-responsible business gifts: Any locally made business gift is always appreciated, as are responsible products such as organic cotton promotional bags. If you wish to donate to a charity, allowing the client to designate the beneficiary will make the donation more meaningful.

The advantages of buying your business gifts in advance:

This gives you a competitive advantage:

It is likely that you are not the only company your client works with.

If you give corporate gifts and your competitors don't, it will definitely give you a head start.

Branded gifts ensure that your marketing strategy is well received and remembered for a long time.

Your gifts will likely stay in your customers' offices for weeks, and you and your business will be kept in mind.

This strengthens relationships:

Business partners and customers will feel like they have been treated well in your business.

It shows how much you value them and helps build relationships.

Likewise, giving gifts to your employees will allow them to feel appreciated and encouraged.


September is too early to prepare your business gifts? Think again!

Postponing the purchase of your business gifts will only cause stress.

Worse yet, you may panic about buying something expensive that the recipients probably don't even want, so that you have something to give.

Avoid the stress of last minute shopping and order our catalog today.