The umbrella protects us from rain, snow, sun and wind. You may think that the umbrella does not cause much, but you would be wrong!

Discover these interesting facts and anecdotes on the ultimate weather accessory.

The origin of the umbrella

Its origins date back more than 3000 years in China, Egypt and other ancient civilizations.

The umbrella was first developed as protection from the sun and was a status symbol, held by servants before royalty and other high-ranking people.

Feathers, leaves, paper and silk were all used as coatings, some of which were oiled or varnished to make them waterproof.

Whales were originally made of cane and later whalebone. But in the 1800s, steel began to be used for whales and oilcloth for roofing, which made the umbrella much more resistant.

Today, the basic design of the umbrella remains pretty much the same, but the coatings are mostly made of brightly colored synthetic fibers.

The umbrella, an essential accessory

Who has never found themselves in a downpour without having enough to protect themselves?

Result, you go home or arrive at the office soaked from head to toe.

Above all, an umbrella is a very practical accessory, especially when you are walking.

In its foldable version, the advertising umbrella fits easily into a purse or the glove compartment of a car.

Once you have it on, no rain can ruin your brushing!

When the umbrella becomes an promotional object

When it comes to promoting your business, multiple supports are available to you.

From the personalized shopping bag to the promotional pen, the choice is vast.

But the advertising umbrella is particularly interesting because it offers increased visibility. Who can boast of having outdoor advertising for less than € 10?

With the advertising umbrella it's beautiful and very possible.

Of course, other promotional items are just as effective for your marketing and customer relationship care.

But with the personalized advertising umbrella, you have an exceptional perception.

Imagine as soon as it rains, your brand is present on the street and that is without counting the effect that will cause a quality personalized advertising umbrella.

Promotional umbrella, a large choice of models

Black, colored, striped or even transparent, you will be spoiled for choice as regards the model and finish.

You will be able to customize an umbrella according to your budget or for a particular event.

Some custom umbrellas are specially designed to withstand extreme winds and others are more elegant like the Gentlemen automatic umbrella.

Some interesting facts and questions about the umbrella

The word umbrella comes from the Latin word "umbra" which means shade or shadow.

Modern acceptance of umbrellas began to spread throughout Europe in the mid-18th century. Until then, umbrellas were considered a feminine fashion accessory.

The Englishman Jonas Hanway was the first to publicly carry an umbrella. His influence finally introduced the umbrella to the male population of England and soon after around the world.

Modern umbrellas are covered with Teflon, which makes their awning waterproof.

Many religions have adopted umbrellas and parasols as part of their ceremonies and processions.

The Mexican sombrero is one of the most famous hats used as a large parasol.

In the 19th century, European fashion required that the umbrellas be held in the middle of their handle, the handle turned towards the ground.

English nobility preferred blue or green silk umbrellas.

The first functional "folding umbrella" was introduced in 1969 by Bradford Philips.

Regarding the future of the advertising umbrella, Japanese researchers have invented a high-tech umbrella - "to make rainy days fun" - that projects images inside. Users can scroll through the images by turning the handle.