Our responsibilities as a company:

As a creator of advertising material we have the responsibility to follow the international and national standards concerning:

The protection of public health,

The protection of the environment

Consumer protection

We carry out audits on our various suppliers and verify all factory certifications. Each product must meet different criteria depending on the substance used, the country of delivery and the target for which this product is intended.

Certification and label guides:

SMETA: is an audit that allows the brand to share and know suppliers who want to be ethical and transparent. Thus, through the Sedex pillar 2 & 4 program, the major brands are best able to follow "best practices" for production and trade.

BSCI is a group of companies and factories that have chosen to improve working conditions in their international factories based on a code of ethical conduct.

PEFC: this program certifies that the wood used in the object comes from sustainably managed forests. More and more advertising products are made from reclaimed wood or bamboo.

European Ecolabel: is a label that takes into account the entire product life cycle. From the raw material through its design to its recycling.

NF Environment: is a label that meets specific specifications on environmental quality. It certifies the ecological quality of the product.

Organic Farming: is an environmentally friendly production method that prohibits the use of chemicals used in large-scale farming.

Global Organic Textil Standard (GOTS): these are a set of rules to respect regarding the production of textile material. These rules relate mainly to the environment and the social side. The advertising textile must contain at least 95% of fiber produced on the basis of organic farming.

Oeko Tex: is a global certification system for textiles and by-products.

Energy Star: is a label that promotes the reduction of energy consumption for electronic devices.

Cradle to cradle: is an eco-concept that offers products made from start to finish with the zero pollution criterion and which can be recycled or reused. We can make products using this concept to create the advertising object you need.

Organic Fair Trade: is a label that promotes organic farming as well as fair trade.

Max Havelaar: is a fair trade label in order to encourage producers and to offer consumers the opportunity to buy a product where the profit is distributed more fairly between everyone.

Applicable standards:

ROHS: is a standard that promotes the limitation of 6 substances that are highly harmful to humans and the planet.

 Lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybromobiphenyls, polybromodiphenyl ethers.

REACH: is a European regulation which aims to limit the risks of chemical substances on humans and the environment.

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